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DEFENDER SERVICES DIVISION TRAINING BRANCH WWW.FD.ORG : This site of the Administrative Office of the Courts provides Internet-based support for CJA attorneys, including links, publications, training opportunities, and job openings.

EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE DISTRICT COURTWWW.TNED.USCOURTS.GOV :  In addition to general information about the Court, one can download the Criminal Justice Act Plan for the Eastern District of Tennessee, the application for admission to the Court, and the application for the CJA panel.

CAPITAL DEFENSE NETWORK WWW.CAPDEFNET.ORG  : The Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel and Habeas Assistance and Training Counsel provide guidance about federal capital proceedings to defense lawyers involved in federal capital proceedings and federal post conviction.

WEBSITES FOR FEDERAL DEFENDERS WWW.RASHKIND.COM : Paul Rashkind is an Assistant Federal Defender in Miami. He specializes in Supreme Court updates, and his site also has other research links and free publications.


Every CJA attorney needs to begin his or her guidelines practice by reading the Introduction to Sentencing which is prepared annually by the Federal Defender for the Western District of Texas. They also prepare The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure: Application and Practice which is useful.

: The Sixth Circuit's site includes the local rules, recent opinions, and several forms  that are useful to CJA attorneys such as the application form for appointments vouchers and notice of appeal.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) www.atf.treas.gov.  Treasury decisions of alcohol, statistics, the most-wanted list, hotline phone numbers, ATF laboratory services and downloadable ATF publications.

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) bop.gov.  This site allows users to access public information concerning the BOP, federal inmate information and location of inmate, employment with the BOP, FOIL requests, policies and procedures of the BOP and search the entire site as to specific requests.

Department of Justice www.usdoj.gov.  Organizational structure of the Department of Justice, news releases and links to DOJ organizations.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) www.usdoj.gov/dea.  Press releases, Congressional testimony, intelligence reports and information on legalization issues and strategies for counter-arguments against the legalization of drugs.

Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) www.fbi.gov.  Press releases, congressional affairs, FBI case files, major investigations and FBIís most-wanted.

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) www.ICE.gov.  Access to recent changes in Immigration Law, forms, immigration regulations and an abundance of information for employers seeking to hire individuals not born as American citizens. 

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)http://pacer.tned.uscourts.gov. This site contains helpful information for users as well as those interested in obtaining PACER access.  The system is useful when you need quick, accurate information about current federal cases.  You can track updates to a case of interest, obtain a printed summary of a case, print a docket sheet of the case, research case involvements by name, and obtain slip opinions as son as they are available to the public. 

Tennessee Department of Correction
www.state.tn.us/correction.  Commissionerís page, news releases, links to child visitation program, division of community correction, incarcerated felon population, and probation.

United States Sentencing Commission www.ussc.gov.  News and press releases, copies of selected reports, and a downloadable version of the Sentencing Guidelines and the Guidelines Manual. 

The White House www.whitehouse.gov.  Daily presidential releases, press briefings, and summaries; also includes presidential releases by topic area, such as economic policy and major documents in areas of interest to the Executive branch.

Sixth Circuit Blog http://circuit6.blogspot.com. The Sixth Circuit blog provides weekly summaries of recent Sixth Circuit decisions and helpful information relevant to post-Booker  sentencings. Posts are made by federal defenders practicing before the Sixth Circuit.
SENTENCING LAW & POLICY SENTENCING.TYPEPAD.COM. Professor Berman, Professor of Law at Moritz College at The Ohio State University, is the sole creator and author of this widely-read and widely-cited web log.

RESOURCE FOR TRACING THE HISTORY OF THE SENTENCING GUIDELINE PROVISION - www.src-project.org. This site was developed to aid in tracing the history of a sentencing guideline provision.